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How long does it take to receive Anti-Wrinkle treatment?

The treatment consists of several simple injections into the targeted facial muscles. This is a quick treatment that can be done in just one session of just 15 minutes, not including the consultation time.

What other areas can be addressed using the Muscle relaxant medication?

Muscle relaxant can be used for Jaw slimming by slimming down the Masseter muscles and may relieve symptoms of bruxism, clenching and teeth grinding. Muscle relaxant can also be used for Sweat reduction and can be achieved by blocking signals that activate sweat gland under the arms as well as, trapezius and calf reduction.

How much recovery time is needed after the procedure?

There is no downtime or recovery following the procedure. Many people even schedule their appointments over lunch breaks or in between other activities. Because the appointment time can be kept to a minimum, an hour-long lunch break is plenty of time to receive Anti-wrinkle injections.

When will I see results?

Results may be seen within 4 days however, most people report seeing optimum results after a period of one or two weeks. This is great, because there is no dramatic change in appearance immediately after the appointment. It is likely that no one will even know that the person has received the treatment on the day of the injections.

Are anti-wrinkle treatments painful?

Anti-wrinkle injections feel like a small ant bite or sting and only lasting whilst the product is injected. A small needle is used taking a few seconds per injection site.

What are the common risk?

Bruising, swelling and redness are expected and temporary.

Can I exercise or have alcohol?

No touching or rubbing of the area is advised for at least 6 hours post treatment to prevent stimulating the product to migrate to another area. You can resume exercise 24hrs post treatment and it is also advised to have no alcohol within 24 hours post treatment to prevent bruising.


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