We carefully designed this bag with all mums in mind. Whether you’re a stay at home mum, working mum, single mum, this bag is for you- and dads! Why is it so special? We spent a long time designing this to ensure it’s the answer to all your parent stresses 💕

 1. Black - it’s a universal colour for both Mums and Dads. And it will suit your current nappy change bag should you wish to pop it in there 
2. Faux brown leather - no animal cruelty here, eco-friendly
3. Anti scratch metal zip- Incase your baby or toddler decided to use your pouch as a football 
4. Hole on the end of the zip- so you can add any accessory key ring you want to add your own look to the pouch 
5. The outer of the bag is completely wipeable. Quickly sweep away any spillages with a dry cloth 
6. The inner part of the bag is also wipeable. But the difference between the outside of the pouch is that it’s matte. So there’s no small grooves for any any spillage to go into. If any of the contents were to spill, it won’t stay
7. Flat bottom- there is no seam at the bottom of the pouch. So no matter how much you put into it, the weight will distribute evenly. Your pouch won’t ever get too heavy to carry on it’s own, or with your current nappy change bag
8. Shape - this is the most versatile shape. No matter your pouch contents, no matter the amount you store inside it, your pouch will retain its shape. So will forever fit into any other bag you may want to carry

Travel Pouch

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